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Rent Articulated Dump Truck for Construction Activities

Is there any other option rather buying expensive heavy equipment? Of course, yes, there is an affordable option that most of the construction and mining companies are availing nowadays. Heavy equipments are normally used in construction and mining purposes. As we all know that these heavy equipments are very costly, therefore many of the rental companies are proffering the service of heavy equipments in rental basis. The modern heavy equipment are more useful than the traditional ones. Most of the heavy equipment used in the earlier times require the manual effort but the modern equipment are operated by machines. These modern equipments are available in the market with the upgraded technology features. The operators should know the techniques to operate these updated modern heavy equipments. There are many training institute where the operators are being trained to manage these equipments. The rental companies should take a approval certificate from their respective government to run the business of renting heavy equipments.

Articulated Dump Truck and Its Types

Articulated dump truck is a kind of truck that is used for carrying loose materials like dirt, gravel and sand. There is a hydraulic operated open box bed that is attached to the articulated truck. This box bed helps the front to lift upward and deposit the slack materials on the ground. These trucks are used in varied activities like dumping the dust and the waste materials so as to make the area clean and hygienic. The dump trucks were first used in the year 1920. It is a dynamic truck that is joined with the lifting pulley and a cable. There are different sorts of dump trucks available in the market according to the types of bed and pattern of dumping. They are as follows:

  • Standard dump truck
  • Transfer articulated dump truck
  • Super dump truck
  • Semi trailer end dump truck
  • Semi trailer bottom dump truck
  • Double and triple trailer bottom dump truck
  • Side dump truck
  • Off-highway dump truck
  • Haul truck

Procedures to Rent Articulated Dump Truck

  • First determine the type of the truck that is easy to operate. There are different sizes of dump truck are obtainable. Choose the one that is apt for carrying the required amount of dump.
  • Recruit the driver first before renting the dump truck. The driver should be well experienced and qualified. In some of the rental companies, the license of the driver is being asked so appoint a well qualified dump truck driver.
  • It is important to make a list of the requirements before renting dump truck. The rent time duration, size and the budget are the important points that to be decided prior to the renting process.
  • It is sensible to go through the online rental heavy equipment sites to know more about the rental procedures.
  • Another option is that a person can contact a local construction company from where he or she gets to know the methods of renting heavy equipments.
  • The dumpster is the substitute of the dump truck that can be availed in rental basis.

Tips to rent heavy equipment

Are you looking for an equipment to break ground? These works actually demand a lot of physical labor. Everyone wants to do minimum hard work while getting all such constructional tasks accomplished within the deadline. That’s why, renting heavy equipment has become not a luxury but a necessity. If you have the “big boy’s tools”, then you can easily do many constructional works with ease.

How to rent heavy equipment?

If you are running out of budget, then the prudent option is to rent these equipments. But before stepping towards renting, you should follow the tips listed below:-

  • First of all, set up your mind to renting heavy equipment. For this, you need to do some calculations. If you are going to use the equipment for not more than 60-80% of the time, then you don’t need to buy it. Just get a go with the renting option.
  • Do a little research on the type of equipment that will help you to get your job done easily.
  • While buying it, try to buy it from a well-known brand. For this, you can also seek advice from your parents and friends.
  • Try to calculate the lowest time that is requiring taking the equipment on rent. The rental duration is generally depends on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Are you budget conscious? If yes, then compare the different price range given on different websites.
  • You should always return the rental heavy equipment to that person or company in good condition. And if you have already caused some damages to it, then get ready to pay the extra fees.

Renting heavy equipments help you to express yourself in an artistic way. You should try to look at these mundane works from a creative point of view; otherwise these works will appear very boring.

Payment term in renting contracts

Payment term is another important issue in case of renting this heavy equipment. In many cases, customers make their payment in advance where they make some adjustments at the end of the contract if there is any early or late termination. In some other cases, customers prefer to pay on daily, weekly and monthly basis. If the customer is paying the fees without delay then the managers should assure that they have the tool in place ahead of time to deal with schedule of payment requirements. This is especially vital for operations where customers pay the invoices only on exact dates.

Renting heavy equipments is not a very difficult task. But you should choose the best company among the many rental companies that are available in the market. You can also flip through the “about us “page and read the customer review of the website before signing any kind of contracts with it. Also read all the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any kind of harassment in future. After picking out the right company, you are now ready to undertake the constructional works with a more artistic outlook of hardscaping.


Importance of renting heavy equipment

The biggest challenge for all the builders across the world is acquiring heavy equipment. It is not only very expensive, but also the builders have to hire professional experts to make use of this equipment efficiently. Moreover, the expenses involved in purchasing heavy equipment are quite high. To minimise such expenditures, builders now opt to work with heavy equipment rental companies.

There are many advantages of renting the equipment over buying it outright. If you are planning to work with a well-known company, then they will assure you with the best quality heavy equipment which is maintained by a group of certified technician and mechanics. The catchy thing for you is that that you don’t have to pay them any maintenance cost. But, if you buy the equipment you are compelled to pay the cost that is require for its maintenance.

Another advantage of renting the equipment is that you don’t have to stock up the spare parts and many other things that are needed for its servicing. Whereas in case of purchasing, you will be burdened with all such requirements. Moreover, you do not have to arrange a storeroom for keeping all these repairing things. Utterly, you can buff up your savings, as you don’t have to pay for storage facilities and other tools.

The renting companies to increase their reputation, generally, provide you with good quality construction equipment and that too at an affordable price. If you have already worked as a contractor, then you must understand the need for using the latest construction equipment for almost every project considering the fact that like other machines construction equipment also becomes outdated.

Are you planning to use your equipment for a short time? If yes, then renting the equipment is the best option for you. The most common thread which unites all these logistical benefits is the reduction in time.

Rental expenditures are mostly are completely deductible to a company. But, in case of purchasing, the capital cost will be amortized over the life span of the rented equipment.

You can also avail the merits of supplement capacity on an-as needed basis from the renting company. It is quite common for particular projects to keep demands on resources which surpass routine operations. It means that a company will already possess certain parts of equipment, but still realize that to get the work done perfectly within the deadline; they need to build up their capabilities still stronger. Obviously, to rent the extra units is more cost-effective than to purchase them directly from a company.

You will also get a 24*7-support service from your chosen renting company. Their staffs are highly knowledgeable and can make recommendations based on your equipmental need for the project. They can also give a tutorial on how to handle the equipment. If you are facing any kind of problem with the equipment, then they will swap it out quickly.

The final general rule of thumb is that you should use the equipment atleast 60-70% of the time before you purchase equipment. Of course, the factors such as your company’s total budget, terms and conditions of rental insurance company also play an important role in your decision.



Important questions to be asked before renting heavy equipment

Before you consider rent heavy equipment, there are many aspects which you should understand. Making a capital investment especially for renting heavy equipment is one of the most difficult tasks. It has become even more difficult during the period of recession. It happens because the institutional and commercial organisations find means to control the costs. Managers are aware of the fact that despite their close-fitting budget, large-scale jobs like landscape projects and heavy construction, must carry on with their works. Heavy equipment are definitely an integral part of the accomplishment of these projects, so rental companies play a vital role in helping the managers by specifying the right equipment for the jobs while avoiding capital expenditures.

But, there are some questions that you should ask before renting heavy construction equipment for your company. Here is a list of questions given below:

  • Which renting equipment can increase the efficiency of the worker most? Manufacturers frequently introduce modern constructional equipment to the renting companies. With the help of these advanced equipments a worker can perform his job easily.
  • What will be the total expenditure for renting the equipment? Total expenditure generally excels renting a piece of equipment for a specific time period.
  • May you go through the contract paper for renting in advance? It will help you to prevent any kind of confusion and misunderstanding.
  • When would the rental companies break off the clock? You should clarify the renting companies that when they will stop charging you for using renting equipment.
  • Do you have to pay anything for a damage – waiver? If they ask you for such a fee, then they should make it clear whether it is optional or mandatory. It is a great idea for managers to nail down the extent of the coverage damage-waiver.
  • Are monthly or weekly charge up for grabs? A clear concept of these charges will enable you to save thousand dollars annually.
  • Does the daily rate lasts for 24 hours?
  • What kind of training do the rental companies give? Most of the rental companies provide some training which is very effective for carry on the work with ease using heavy equipment.
  • And finally, when does the rental period start? Mostly, the rental period start immediately after you have receive the equipment and it lasts till the day when you call them to pick up the equipment. Generally the transportation period is not charged.

Before taking the equipment on rental, don’t forget to check the safety devices to ensure that they are in good condition. As you can say, hiring equipment is a serious undertaking which should not be taken lightly. Different companies have their own standard rates for renting. But, it will be beneficial for you to take the rent on hourly basis. The renting company will provide you some personnel and they will help you to do your work smoothly and quickly. If you too interested in renting equipment, then you should be very careful in choosing the company or you will get cheated by many other fraud companies that are available in the market.