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Tips on how to run an excavator

We basically believe that working on a heavy equipment is as simple as driving a vehicle. It may have the same feature as what we see in a car but the ones who actually operate heavy equipment beg to differ. One can simply not compare working on heavy equipment with driving one’s car as the former is lot more complex in nature and the person working on the machine has to be extra careful while he is on it. He got to check a lot of things before he begins with his work and needs to be sure that all the things that he needs during his work are working just fine. In case he notices any issue, he should be reporting it to the supervisor in charge or should take things in his control and ensure that the machine is in order before he kick starts with the job.

Not all the heavy equipment are tricky to work on but there are machines like excavators that can really takes its toll on the operator. Especially if the operator has to function in an extremely rough and rigid terrain, things may become all the more strenuous for him. Only with the help of experience will one be able to manage the machine smoothly or else things may go out of his control and the consequences can be intensely severe.

We would be discussing few important tips that one should be following while they work on an excavator.

Proper usage of the joystick:-

One needs to understand that the joystick in an excavator is the brain of the machine and the way you use the joystick, the machine will flow accordingly. The joystick is used extensively to keep a control on the movement of the cabin and the bucket attached to the machine. So if you are moving the joystick correctly, the excavator will move the way you want it to. By using the one to your right, you will control the scooping that will help the boom to move in the upwards and downwards position. The joystick to the left of the driver controls the cab. So if you use the one to your left correctly, it will move the machine to the place you want it to go. It also helps in enlarging and shortening the length of the boom.

Drive rods are equally important:-

If you want to increase or decrease the speed of the excavator, you can do it with the help of the drive rods that lies between the legs of the operator. Each rod has its own exclusive purpose. It works co-related with the tread and when pushed forward or backward will move the tread of that side. If you want to drive the excavator straight then you simply have to push both the sticks at the same time in the forward direction and it will speed up and if you pull them back will drive the machine backwards.

Alongside with lot of experience in operating an excavator, following these simple tips can be really useful to operate the machine.


Compaction rollers are heavy duty engineering vehicles that are used to make soil, concrete, road making material etc compact and rolled smoothly. The compaction roller is fitted with a heavy iron cylindrical roller at the bottom which presses and compacts material coming under it.

Compaction rollers are mostly owned by construction organizations that have the duty of making roads or highways and are in need of this vehicle to flatten and make the path compact with the given materials. Compaction rollers are heavy duty vehicles that have controls set in it but require a person to operate the controls.

These vehicles are available in various sizes depending on the needs and requirements of the work to be performed. Compaction rollers are also used for agriculture. Setting a particular plot of land for farming needs heavy manual labour. To save up on energy and manpower these heavy duty vehicles are used.

They were initially introduced as horse drawn rollers that performed the task of compacting the soil but with time and advancements in technology it has evolved to be automatic machine rollers which are mechanically advanced with better efficiency.

Compaction rollers are used especially by government authorities in charge of making roads and highways. Sealing roads with concrete and tar can be well performed with these compaction rollers that cover a large distance in a short span of time. The work is done precisely and efficiently. The modern compaction rollers are manufactured in accordance to the demands of the users. The vehicles are made with perfection and are made in such a way that saves up on time and performs the work efficiently.

The main energy enforced on these rollers is vibration. Depending on the amount of vibration extracted from these rollers, the given materials are compacted. A few compaction rollers have rollers attached at the bottom of the machine and a few have wheels attached at the rear end. For various purposes these rollers are used and accordingly the results are extracted.

At several instances like crushing and compacting asphalt, there is an external spray of water on the drums to prevent the material from sticking to the cylindrical rolls. These cannot be controlled with the help of the automated switches and needs external attention.

Owning these heavy duty machines is an asset provided they are maintained and serviced well. Taking good care of the machinery provides better efficiency. It is an investment to own all possible modern machinery like compaction rollers as it accordingly helps in tasks assigned like creating roads and paths.

Several agencies who deal with rental and leasing services (Like B&R Equipment) provide these heavy duty compaction rollers on rent or lease to the users. Not all users need to access and use this machinery for their work. At certain instances when there is a need of this machinery, one can easily borrow it and save up on the extra amount to be spent to purchase an entire vehicle and not have any major use of it later.

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