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Tips on how to run a water truck/water wagon

Driving any kind of heavy equipment needs good amount of carefulness. One needs to be highly experienced in operating heavy equipment if he wants to do it in the best possible way. Be it a dozer or an excavator or just a water truck, it requires high competency on the part of the driver in order to make sure that he is doing his job the right way. One has to be extremely careful in analyzing the situation on ground and need to wear all the safety accessories to ensure that he does not hurt himself or the people around the machine. If we talk about a water truck, it is used primarily in construction and mining sites to control dust. It is not so difficult to operate a water truck as it could be for operating any other type of heavy equipment but the operator has to be extra cautious while he is on it.

A water truck can also be used in case of fire. One can use the spray nozzles to spray water and extinguish the fire. So when the driver is in the process of such perilous tasks, he needs to be very careful about his safety and the people who are on the truck assisting to put off the fire. We would be discussing in brief how can should operate a water truck.

Make proper use of gears and steering:-

A water truck is almost same like any other truck used for transportation purpose. It has similar features as what is available in a normal truck. It is just that the water truck contains water inside it and it needs a spray nozzle to spray out the water. What is rather important to note is that the operator should make good use of the gears and should steer the truck correctly. The truck will not be moving at a high speed while it is pumping water out. So it has to maintain a constant speed keeping the gears consistent and got to pay heed to the steering that helps to keep the wheels in the right direction.

Do not speed up the truck unless it is absolutely necessary:-

While you are settling the dust in a construction or a mining site, you just can’t increase the speed of the truck. You have to keep a considerable pace and must ensure that you do not move fast or else the one who is spraying the water will have a hard time to cover the entire area. Other than this, if you are working on a rugged terrain, it will be just not possible for you to drive the truck at a high speed. You have to maintain the speed and keep it to a point from where you do not lose its control. Anything short of it will have serious repercussions.

Go through the user manual if you are new to it:-

A user manual is always helpful in situations where you will be driving a brand new truck. Any new truck will give you some kind of comfort issues which can be tackled by going through the user manual.



Track loaders are heavy motorized equipment more like vehicles for engineering purposes. These vehicles or equipment are motorized and are made to function in ways where they are used to dig or load material. Materials can include stones, mud, construction material and other various objects. Track loaders form a very important part of the fleet of vehicles that help in construction and other excavation purposes.

Track loaders are modern equipment created to save manual energy and help construction workers to perform the required work at a faster pace as well as save quality time. It reduces the manual labor in turn saving up on manpower and the cost. Track loaders have bucket fork like structures attached to the front of it which helps in digging, lifting and excavating a particular area or substance with perfection. Since it is a heavy construction equipment, it has a huge structure that lifts objects in a large quantity and having the work done faster.

Track loaders being a vehicle which multitasks, is not automated. It requires a controller who needs to provide instructions in the form of electro-hydraulic controls which is efficient and performs the tasks with ease. Track loaders are usually used during construction to dig soil and make space for concrete fillings. They are also used for excavation purposes to remove dumped material such as soil, stones, bricks etc. It takes up a huge quantity at once to transfer it to its desired place which saves up on a lot of time.

An excavator or a bulldozer can only perform tasks of excavating and destroying objects respectively but a track loader is a vehicle that multi tasks and can perform both these actions with ease. Modern track loaders are built according to the requirements or the users. Demands like soundless engines, fast working electro-hydraulic controls that are easy to handle, best visibility from the control area is what the manufacturers receive.

These demands are easily met with the help of modern technology and robotic controls. These heavy weight vehicles are an asset to any organization owning it. It requires good care and maintenance in order to expect good results from the track loaders. Owning them requires a good investment and organizations who solely deal with construction, excavation, digging etc. are in need of them all the time. Maintaining them and servicing these heavy duty vehicles on time helps to get best results out of them.

There are several agencies who lease out these equipment as rentals as few may not require them at all times and therefore need it only at times when there is a particular task to be performed with these track loaders. These rentals are according to the time span that the machinery is required. Depending on the usage and the geographical area, several rental companies give out and accordingly plan the rent amount for these heavy equipment. Renting construction vehicles saves up on time as well as finances as it is cheaper to use it and give it back after the work is completed.

Where to find heavy equipment specs

Choosing an item of utter importance without knowing much about its specifications can often land anybody in deep trouble. If you are hunting for a particular stuff, you should be at least aware of its basic specifications so that you know how much you are paying and for what you are paying. People have a tendency of buying stuffs without knowing much about it or simply knowing too little about the product. However, after they have bought the item they get the shock of their life when they get to know that they did not want that item but needed something with little different specification. But it is too late now for them to exchange it. It may not be a bigger problem if they buy something that is not too expensive. However, if they are dealing with heavy equipment and they do not bother to check the specs of the machine, then that is going to be a bigger issue for them. Heavy equipment can cost them anything around 30 to 40 thousand dollars which is definitely a huge sum of money and they just can’t afford to buy something and later on come to know that the stuff they have bought is not what they were looking for. What they need to check first is the specs of the machine and check if it matches with their requirements. Heavy equipment can be also used as multi-facet equipment and can be used for multiple purposes. Therefore knowing its specs should be the priority of the person who is intending to buy it. Alternatively, he should also check the kind of project he has for which he is intending to buy the equipment. Not any machine can be used for every kind of project. Check the specification from the heavy equipment store:- If you are the guy who do not know much about heavy equipment and could not figure out which machine can be used for what purpose, it is better that you leave this job to the expert. All you have to do is visit a heavy equipment store and give your requirement to them. Also state your budget as different machines has different prices. They will suggest you few machines based on your requirements and you can select the one you like. The other option is you can walk in to the store with someone who has in-depth knowledge about heavy equipment. Rather than dealing it alone, it’s advisable that you go along with someone knowledgeable. Let them do the talking and you take care of the listening part. In case, you have any questions that you think you should be asking, just shoot it out to them. Check the specs from the internet:- If you are the guy who has sound knowledge of heavy equipments, then you can also check for the specs on the internet. You can go prepared to the store and ask them for the stuff you need. Doing some research on your part will also give you the upper hand to negotiate and settle at a price that you will be convenient enough to buy or rent the machine.