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Caterpillar 740 articulated truck – Many vouch for this model

Heavy equipment are undoubtedly the most important requirement of the construction, mining and agriculture industry but there is something evenly important that pertains to all these sectors and that is the equipment to carry the soil from one place to another. It may become very difficult to work on a construction site if the unearthed soil is left idle at the very spot. One can simple imagine how much of soil will be excavated from a medium sized project and what kind of difficulty it may give to people working on board if they are not moved at the right time. Simultaneously, trucks are also used to transport heavy equipment, medium sized and small sized machines from one state to another. It is highly crucial for a construction company to invest in good solid and reliable trucks as they carry stuffs that are quite important for the company to carry on with the project.

If we check what all companies manufacture trucks, we may get many names but out of the entire lot, Caterpillar has been able to make a separate place for itself. Cat 740 is the kind of truck that companies can vouch for. They have a lot of confidence on this model as it has the capacity to carry huge loads and can travel for miles. Owners of this truck are of the opinion that this truck has rarely broke down and could be relied upon when you are ferrying huge debris.

If we check the specification of this model, we find that the gross power is 489 hp and the net power is 474 hp. It has a displacement of 926 in3 and can carry a payload of around 43.5 tons. Not many trucks produced by other companies in the price range of CAT 740 is sold has this sort of payload carrying capacity. The fuel capacity is 560 liter and cooling system fluid capacity and hydraulic system fluid capacity is 80 liter and 233 liter respectively. The engine oil capacity is 38 liter and the transmission fluid capacity is 72 liter. More or less every company offers similar specification but can be termed to be a bit expensive than CAT 740.

If we talk about the gears, then this model of truck has 7 forward gears and 2 reverse gears with a maximum speed of 34 miles per hour. The total weight of the truck when loaded is 70840 kg and when empty, the weight is 32840 kg. It has turned out to be the most sought after truck within the construction and mining industry and people who prefer Caterpillar brands usually go for CAT 740 articulated trucks.

These trucks can be bought directly from the company or can be purchased through a dealer. Buying it directly from the company will entitle you to get more benefits. However, it has been often seen that buying it from a dealer can fetch you the same discounts as having bought directly from the company.


A Brief Guide On The Articulated Trucks

For every business, the main goal is to move the materials at the lowest possible rate. So, whether you are planning to add to the hauling fleet or if you are thinking of renting any dependable machine for the purpose of any particular job, the articulated trucks are mainly designed to offer the speed, fuel efficiency and the required power, which can match with your business operation in the best possible manner.


The articulated trucks have the hinge between the cab and the dump box, but these are completely different from the semi trailer trucks as the cabs are the permanent fixtures and not separable vehicles. Besides, the steering of these trucks is accomplished through the hydraulic rams that can pivot the total cab, instead of the pinion and the rack steering on the front axle. Therefore, these vehicles are highly adapted to the rough terrain.


The main feature of these articulated trucks, which put these in the separate driving class, is the drive system of these trucks. The drive system of these trucks is generally based on the total number of the wheels on the axles, which are used to pull these trucks. The most usual system is known as the 6 x 6 system, where the articulated trucks have six wheels on three axles and all the wheels are used while the trucks are driven.


Another system used in the articulated trucks is the 6 x 4 drives, where the rear four wheels are mainly used while driving. The original driving system in the articulated trucks is the 4 x 4 drive. This type of driving was mainly designed for those trucks, which mainly drive over the roughest terrain available on the planet. This system also helps the trucks maneuver over terrain, which can be a possible issue for the goods, which are being carried.


The articulated trucks are mainly used to carry different types of heavy materials. For example, the 4 x 4 drives are mostly used for the loads like the flammable liquid. These trucks also have the capability to carry the loads of around 40 tons in weight. This is why these types of articulated trucks are really popular in the construction industry, where the heavier materials are mainly used.


As a whole, the articulated trucks are considered to be the most adaptable hauling vehicles available in the world. Due to the mobility as well as the versatility, these are widely used in various industries and not only in the construction industries. For example, these trucks are used by the logging companies that can transport a huge amount of trees from one place to another. Besides, in a number of cases, the military people also use these trucks widely.


So, if you require these heavy vehicles for your business requirements or for any construction purpose, then you can now even take these for rent. These days, there are a number of heavy vehicle manufacturer companies available, from where you can take these articulated trucks for rent within affordable rates.


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