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Cat D6R Dozers

Big construction companies go for the best heavy equipment in the industry and when we talk about the best heavy equipment manufacturing companies, we have one name that has been very prominent all over the years in terms of upgrading its technology, delivering high level performance and ensuring that it has customer base is content with its service and quality and that name is Caterpillar. Caterpillar as we shortly pronounce it as CAT has been the leader in this segment for the last many years. Despite of numerous cut throat competitions from all corners, it has still managed to keep its position intact.

Though all the heavy equipment manufactured by CAT are of supreme quality, it specializes in producing excellent dozers for its customers. We will be speaking in length about the D6R dozer and would highlight few of its specification and the fact from where a person should buy this model.

CAT D6R dozer is a powerful machine with a net power of 175 hp and is turbocharged. It has a displacement of 638 cu in and the total number of cylinders it can hold is 6. The operational weight of the machine is 41900 lb and the fuel capacity is 383 litres. This is quite phenomenal as it has enough space for fuel and can run for days without having the need to refuel. The cooling system fluid capacity is 74 litres, engine oil capacity is 27.5 litres and hydraulic fluid capacity is 76 litres. The operating voltage of this dozer is 24V and the alternator supplied amperage is 70 amps.

Let’s change our gears and speak about its gears. It has 3 forward and 3 backward gears with a maximum forward speed of around 12 km per hour and backward speed of around 15 km per hour. It has a standard show size of 22in and the total number of shoes each side is 41. The total number of track rollers that it has on each side is 7. It has a hydraulic pumping system that has a flow capacity of 190 litres per minute which is pretty good. If we talk about the blade, the width of the blade it has is 3260 mm and the height of the blade is 1412 mm and the cutting depth it has is around 459 mm.

CAT D6R dozers are available at any CAT store or heavy equipment dealer or you can even order it over the phone. However, if you want to inspect the machine first before buying it, you can visit to the nearest CAT store or heavy construction dealer and check if they have the model available. You can then inspect the stuff and see if it suits your requirement. Caterpillar has tried to keep the rates modest and you can also check if the company can offer you any discount. Ideally, discounts are given on bulk purchases.

Buying the dozers online is another option that you can go for. You can compare the price of the dozers from other sellers and then take a wise decision.