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Caterpillar D6K Bulldozers

If you are in the construction zone, you may understand the importance of a bulldozer in this industry. Right from demolishing an existing construction to leveling the roads, you need a dozer for all the activity that is pertaining to this industry. Having proper roads is considered to be the backbone of any developing economy and a dozer plays a pivotal role is constructing smooth ones. Also, it is used extensively to clear snow during the winters. Winters are a nightmare for most of us in the US especially when it starts snowing and the snow get laid over the entire road. In such a scenario, a dozer along with other heavy equipment is used to get rid of the mess and bring life back on track.

Many construction equipment producing companies are in the business of making quality dozers but the one that people trust the most is of CAT. The heavy equipment that are manufactured by Caterpillar are known for its supreme quality and durability. It stays on with you for years and when you feel the need to change the machine, you can expect a good resale value for it. You will always find buyers available to buy a CAT machine but for brands other than CAT, it may take some time to resell the stuff.

Caterpillar’s D6K bulldozers are one such make that is known for its long lasting utility. We will be speaking about its specification in detail.

Coming straight to the engine of the machine, the net power of the machine is 125 hp with a displacement of 403 cu in. The number of cylinders that is installed in this equipment is 6 with an operating weight of 13467 kg. If we check its fuel, cooling system fluid and engine oil capacity, it is 295, 24 and 16.5 liters respectively. The hydraulic fluid capacity is 58 liters and the final drives fluid capacity is around 23 liters with an operating voltage of 24 V and alternator supplied amperage is 95 amps. The transmission type is hydrostatic with a forward and reverse speed of 10 km per hour.

Moving our focus to the undercarriage, the ground pressure of the machine is 4.7 psi and the ground contact area is 6200 in2. The standard shoe size of the dozer is 30 in with 40 shoes on each side. The total number of track rollers on each side is 7 and the track gauge is 6.6 ft in. If a standard blade is installed, its width will be 11 ft in and the capacity will be around 3.8 yd3. The length of the machine with and without blade is 16.3 ft in and 12.4 ft in respectively. The height of the dozer from the ground to the top of the cab is 9.7 ft in and the length of track on ground is 8.7 ft in with a ground clearance of 1.2 ft in.

Buying this dozer will not hurt your wallet as the price has been kept quite modest and within the reach of most of the people engaged in this form of a business.

Looking for a stable scraper – Caterpillar 613 Scraper is the answer

Construction companies are always in the look of scrapers that are stable; consume less fuel and deliver high performance and something that can endure the stress of work for years. Heavy equipment mean a lot to the construction companies and they are also ready to pay a good price for the right machine. It is just that they get a solid stuff that can carry on the work without giving many hurdles and can serve the business in the most reliable fashion. Scrapers are the equipment that no construction company can ever avoid. They will feel the need of a scraper every now and then whenever they have taken a construction project in hand. Therefore scraper becomes the much needed machine in the list of heavy equipment one must possess.

Scraper is ideally a big machine that is used for mining, construction, taking off the mud from one place to the other and even for agricultural purposes. Many heavy equipment manufacturing companies produce classy scrapers with all the latest gadgets in it, but how reliable they all are is a real big question in front of the users. For last many years Caterpillar has been ruling the heavy equipment industry and is considered to be one of the most stable companies of all. Caterpillar has come up with the model 613 also known as CAT 613 scraper. It is no less than the blue eyed candy machine of all the major construction companies and it has made a strong impression in the minds of the construction companies with its concrete performance and undefined reliability. The users have undoubtedly rated this scraper to be one of the best in the scraper line of machine.

The back portion of the scraper has a movable hopper and a sharp front edge. The operator only has to lower the hopper and the front edge cuts the soil and fills it in the hopper.  It keeps on doing this as long as the hopper is full of mud and then it closes the hopper with a vertical shaped blade. It then moves the soil to the dumping ground, opens the blade and the hopper is pushed up and the soil are thrown out of it. This is an ideal function of the scraper.

If we check the strength of the engine, it has up to 175 net horsepower with a displacement of 403 cu in. The fuel capacity is 66 gallon and the cooling system fluid capacity is around 10.2 gallon which would be nearly around 38.5 liter. The number for forward gears it has is 6 and just one reverse gear. The maximum speed it can have while moving forward is 21.8 mile per hour and maximum reverse speed is 2.2 mile per hour. The total operating weight of the machine while it is empty is around 15264 kg and the weight while it its loaded is around 27239 kg.

While buying a scraper directly from the company or authorized dealer, you can also expect great discounts or some real good deals. In totality, Cat 613 is the best choice one can make if they are looking for a scraper.

Caterpillar 740 articulated truck – Many vouch for this model

Heavy equipment are undoubtedly the most important requirement of the construction, mining and agriculture industry but there is something evenly important that pertains to all these sectors and that is the equipment to carry the soil from one place to another. It may become very difficult to work on a construction site if the unearthed soil is left idle at the very spot. One can simple imagine how much of soil will be excavated from a medium sized project and what kind of difficulty it may give to people working on board if they are not moved at the right time. Simultaneously, trucks are also used to transport heavy equipment, medium sized and small sized machines from one state to another. It is highly crucial for a construction company to invest in good solid and reliable trucks as they carry stuffs that are quite important for the company to carry on with the project.

If we check what all companies manufacture trucks, we may get many names but out of the entire lot, Caterpillar has been able to make a separate place for itself. Cat 740 is the kind of truck that companies can vouch for. They have a lot of confidence on this model as it has the capacity to carry huge loads and can travel for miles. Owners of this truck are of the opinion that this truck has rarely broke down and could be relied upon when you are ferrying huge debris.

If we check the specification of this model, we find that the gross power is 489 hp and the net power is 474 hp. It has a displacement of 926 in3 and can carry a payload of around 43.5 tons. Not many trucks produced by other companies in the price range of CAT 740 is sold has this sort of payload carrying capacity. The fuel capacity is 560 liter and cooling system fluid capacity and hydraulic system fluid capacity is 80 liter and 233 liter respectively. The engine oil capacity is 38 liter and the transmission fluid capacity is 72 liter. More or less every company offers similar specification but can be termed to be a bit expensive than CAT 740.

If we talk about the gears, then this model of truck has 7 forward gears and 2 reverse gears with a maximum speed of 34 miles per hour. The total weight of the truck when loaded is 70840 kg and when empty, the weight is 32840 kg. It has turned out to be the most sought after truck within the construction and mining industry and people who prefer Caterpillar brands usually go for CAT 740 articulated trucks.

These trucks can be bought directly from the company or can be purchased through a dealer. Buying it directly from the company will entitle you to get more benefits. However, it has been often seen that buying it from a dealer can fetch you the same discounts as having bought directly from the company.


Caterpillar 963 Track Loader

Construction and mining industry are hugely dependent on different kinds of heavy equipment for completing their projects. The heavy equipment manufacturing companies also do their bit to ensure that the needs of their clients are met. At times they also build customized machines to meet certain specific demands of their clients. For instance, a client wants machine that consumes less fuel and has the potential to work all day long, the equipment manufacturing companies will pay heed to such demands and may design something that suits that specific demand.

Construction industry is quite a dynamic industry and changes are bound to happen. With the ever changing needs of the construction companies, developing machines based on new technologies is gaining popularity. No construction company wants to work with an outdated equipment. They all want to upgrade their equipment with the latest technology available in the market. Undoubtedly, they got to afford to buy such technologies. Many are in the position to embrace development and go for upgrading their machines with new technologies or give away the redundant piece and buy a new one.

Caterpillar 963 Track Loader is a perfect example of construction companies embracing new technology. There were various models of track loaders available in the market but they were not having anything special in them and hence construction companies were waiting for something that will give them a new experience. Their wait for finally over with the introduction of CAT 963 loader as it tried to fulfill many of the clients demands in every possible way.

The track loaded has been gifted with a wonderful piece of engine that has a power of 150.2 hp. This is considered to be the best in this class of loaders. It has a displacement of 7 liters and its operating weight is around 18639 kg or 42,000 lbs. It has a fuel capacity of 68.9 gallons which is around 26.1 liters. In addition to this, the hydraulic system fluid capacity is around 60 liters. The engine is considered to be one of the best among all the models produced by companies other than CAT.

If we talk about the undercarriage part of the machine, the width of the track shoe is 550 mm and the number of track rollers it has preside is 6. The length of the track is 2454 mm and the track gauge is around 1850 mm. With these specifications, it turned out to be one of the best the industry has.

For people who are particularly looking for a feature in the machine should probably go through its user manual. There they will find everything they need to know. For guys who are interested in buying the loader should possible contact CAT and check if they will be able to ship the machine to their place. Shipping the item should not be a limitation to a company as big as Caterpillar. The price of this machine can be easily known from the website of the company or one can also check with the dealer for its price.