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Caterpillar 336E Excavator

Right from building a house or a tall rise to constructing bridges, dams and roads, you need an excavator for every type of work. Excavators are the machines that dig the earth and get the mud out. It is needed for several purposes. Most importantly, it is needed to prepare a foundation for the building. So you dig up the ground to start setting pillars from there and in order to do this digging business, you need a good excavator. Excavators are of different sizes. You can get a smaller one for small excavation works or deploy a bigger one for huge construction or mining projects. The size of an excavator depends largely upon the kind of project you will need it for.

All the construction equipment manufacturing companies produce excavators with different unique features that hit the consumer market every year. However, the excavators produced by CAT are simply outstanding out of the league. Caterpillar’s 336E excavator is one such extraordinary piece of steel that does not have much competition from its rivals. Caterpillar has always maintained its performance and has ensured that the trust consumers have on the brand remains intact. It is because of this CAT products get overwhelmingly positive responses whenever it comes out with a new model. People are dead sure that it will have something new to offer them.

Speaking more about the 336E excavator, the machine has a net power of 266 hp. The figure only suggests how good the machine is in terms of power. It has a displacement of 537 cu in and the total operating weight of the machine is 30498 kg or about 68,000 lbs. The fuel capacity of the excavator is 620 liters with the cooling system fluid capacity and hydraulic system fluid capacity of 40 and 410 liters respectively. One of the most intrinsic features of the machine is its engine oil capacity which is 40 liters. Not many machines of this size has this capacity of engine oil installed in it. The hydraulic pump flow capacity is 280 liters per minute and the swing drive fluid capacity is 19 liters and the speed of the swing is around 10 rpm.

Changing our focus on the undercarriage, the shoe size is around 800 mm with maximum travel speed of 5km per hour and a drawbar pull of 300 KN. The minimum and the maximum capacity of the bucket is around 1.2 yd3 and 3.3 yd3 respectively. This model of excavator can be installed with 3 different boom/sticks. HEX1, HEX2 and HEX3. The maximum digging depth for all the 3 options are 27 ft. in, 24.6 ft. in and 21.8 ft. in respectively.

If you intend to buy this machine, you can get in touch with the nearest authorized Caterpillar dealer or heavy equipment dealer and he should be able to help you with the proceedings to buy this stuff. Caterpillar has managed to keep the price within the range so that people do not find it very hard to buy it. One can even visit Caterpillar’s website and can order it online.