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Land clearing with big heavy equipment

Land clearing is probably one of the most difficult jobs in the construction business. It takes a good amount of time to get a small piece of land cleared especially when the work is to demolish an existing construction and take the debris from there and dump it elsewhere. You need to have several pieces heavy equipment in order to do this job. Just using a bulldozer or an excavator may not be sufficient to do the entire job and in case if you want it to be done sooner then you got to deploy more such machines. Clearing land can become quite a challenging task taking into consideration the existing structure that needs to be demolished. Quite often, a contractor may get the work to demolish a big house and may be given very little time to complete the work. It becomes very crucial for him to deploy suitable heavy equipment that have the capacity to complete the work in time. It has ideally been seen that contractors get nightmares when they are given contracts of land clearing within a stipulated time. They are of the opinion that land clearing is not a job that can be done in few days. It may take a long time to break an existing structure part by part and then carry the debris and dump them in the dump yard. They also suffer from the problem of not having sufficient number of heavy equipment. Either they have already deployed few heavy equipment at some projects and can’t get them off from there or they simply do not have the equipment with them and may have to arrange it from somewhere which might take long. The machines that are typically used for land clearing are bulldozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders etc. Then you also need trucks to transport the debris to the dump yard. It is highly unlikely for a contractor to have all the equipment with him and therefore it becomes a challenge for him to collect all the needed stuffs and then begin the job. When it comes to land clearing that has big trees on it, it becomes all the more difficult. The contractors then need equipment that can cut the trees, make logs of them and then transport it to the destined place. In order to do this job, they need grade chain saw and staff that knows how to operate the saw. Cutting the trees requires special skill. You need to cut the tree in a way that it falls at the spot you want it to fall. If it falls in some other place, it may cause serious repercussions. So in a way, you are dealing with something very serious and dangerous. If you manage to cut the tree properly, you also got to ensure that the tree doesn’t roll over on you or any other person present on the site. A lot of safety precautions are needed to be taken when it comes to land clearing.

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Heavy Equipment being used in a Rock Quarry

We have seen the use of heavy equipment in the construction sector but the very same heavy equipment also play a pivotal role when it comes to the mining industry. Rock Quarry is one much business that requires good heavy machineries to work on it and get the minerals extracted. A rock quarry site is not so often seen like a construction site which can be seen at every nook and corner of the area we are living in. It is found more in an isolated area that is inhabited by no humans. The sight that you will get is a barren land with huge piles of rock all around and men working with big machines. However, what kind of machines can be used on those heavy rocks is a thought that must have pondered many minds. When you extract minerals from the crust of the earth, you got to follow few processes for that and you require the help of the machines to follow the required processes.

There is a need of stripping and drilling equipment when it comes to rock quarrying. In order to extract the minerals, you first need to quarry the rocks that is on the surface and for that you need to either strip the surface or blast it with some explosive. In case you decide to strip the surface, then you can make use of heavy equipment like crawler tractors. Bulldozers are used to break the rocks wherever needed and then the crawler tractors are used to carry the dirt using its big blades it has in the front. It can also rip the rock apart with the help of the ripper arms that is fitted at the rear of the machine.

A wheel loader also comes handy in quarrying rock. They are widely used to load the dirt in trucks or tractors. They use their hydraulic arm and bucket to perform this job. The intrinsic feature of the bucket is that they are real huge and has the capacity to carry dirt weighing almost 35 tons. A wheel loader is a must in a rock quarrying site and one can’t think of working without it. Other than just lifting dirt into tractors, they are also used to load the mined products on the trucks which can be then transported for further processing. If the rock quarrying site is huge, then it makes perfect sense to deploy big wheel loaders. However, if the operation is limited to a small site, then one can make use of small wheel loaders as they are available in different sizes.

Last but not the least an off-highway truck also forms an important component in the family of heavy machinery that are used in rock quarrying activities. These big trucks are used extensively to carry huge piles of stuffs from one place to another. You can’t take the service of ordinary trucks that we see on the roads. These are special trucks that are used exclusively for transporting mined materials.

Wheel Loaders

A construction or a mining site requires all sorts of heavy equipment and it never restricts itself to just one kind of machine to take care of all its requirements. Right from dozers, excavators, back hoe loaders to wheel loaders all play a very important role as far as the overall industry is concerned and therefore the heavy equipment manufacturing companies are also paying attention to manufacture heavy equipment that are more user-friendly and cover fuel consumption. Wheel Loaders are particularly an important component in the family of heavy equipment as it is required for all major work that one can think of in a construction site.

Wheel loaders need specialized operators to operate them. These days when machines are manufactured keeping into consideration the technological aspect, it is also crucial to understand that the people who will operate them should be equally skilled in knowing how to make optimum utilization of these technologies. If they are not trained well then they might make major blunders that will be irreparable. This can also cost big to the company and any construction business owner will not want blunders happening due to employing semi-skilled operators or the ones who do not know much about the technology being used in modern time wheel loaders.

Wheel loaders also play a significant role in the mining and crude oil producing industry. They did some major work in North Dakota which the second largest oil producing state in United States. Wheel Loaders are used extensively in several oil producing companies in the state. Companies use wheel loaders with coupler it becomes very simply to switch a bucket for a fork and vice-versa.

This saves a lot of time and also ensures that the work is carried out quickly. The wheel loaders are installed with pipe forks which are broadly used for safe assembly; transport the oil rigs and disassembling them. It also includes moving pipes and many other such essential pieces of equipment that are needed to get the work done. It is estimated that this kind of work can take 2 to 4 days’ time and the timeframe ideally depends on the type of rig it is working on, the time of the year and how far the distance is between the 2 oil wells.

Wheel loaders are easily available at an authorized dealer. It may not be possible to buy it directly from the company as there are possibilities that the company may not ship the machine in that part of the state. They have several restrictions and this is why they have authorized dealers who take up orders for them and deliver the machine to the address of the buyer.

The other option is one can find wheel loaders on websites that sells heavy equipment. There the customer can expect some choices and can also go through the description to know more about the machine and if it meets its business needs. So once everything is in place, he can book the machine online and will get it delivered at his address.

Where to find heavy equipment specs

Choosing an item of utter importance without knowing much about its specifications can often land anybody in deep trouble. If you are hunting for a particular stuff, you should be at least aware of its basic specifications so that you know how much you are paying and for what you are paying. People have a tendency of buying stuffs without knowing much about it or simply knowing too little about the product. However, after they have bought the item they get the shock of their life when they get to know that they did not want that item but needed something with little different specification. But it is too late now for them to exchange it. It may not be a bigger problem if they buy something that is not too expensive. However, if they are dealing with heavy equipment and they do not bother to check the specs of the machine, then that is going to be a bigger issue for them. Heavy equipment can cost them anything around 30 to 40 thousand dollars which is definitely a huge sum of money and they just can’t afford to buy something and later on come to know that the stuff they have bought is not what they were looking for. What they need to check first is the specs of the machine and check if it matches with their requirements. Heavy equipment can be also used as multi-facet equipment and can be used for multiple purposes. Therefore knowing its specs should be the priority of the person who is intending to buy it. Alternatively, he should also check the kind of project he has for which he is intending to buy the equipment. Not any machine can be used for every kind of project. Check the specification from the heavy equipment store:- If you are the guy who do not know much about heavy equipment and could not figure out which machine can be used for what purpose, it is better that you leave this job to the expert. All you have to do is visit a heavy equipment store and give your requirement to them. Also state your budget as different machines has different prices. They will suggest you few machines based on your requirements and you can select the one you like. The other option is you can walk in to the store with someone who has in-depth knowledge about heavy equipment. Rather than dealing it alone, it’s advisable that you go along with someone knowledgeable. Let them do the talking and you take care of the listening part. In case, you have any questions that you think you should be asking, just shoot it out to them. Check the specs from the internet:- If you are the guy who has sound knowledge of heavy equipments, then you can also check for the specs on the internet. You can go prepared to the store and ask them for the stuff you need. Doing some research on your part will also give you the upper hand to negotiate and settle at a price that you will be convenient enough to buy or rent the machine.