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Tips on how to run an excavator

We basically believe that working on a heavy equipment is as simple as driving a vehicle. It may have the same feature as what we see in a car but the ones who actually operate heavy equipment beg to differ. One can simply not compare working on heavy equipment with driving one’s car as the former is lot more complex in nature and the person working on the machine has to be extra careful while he is on it. He got to check a lot of things before he begins with his work and needs to be sure that all the things that he needs during his work are working just fine. In case he notices any issue, he should be reporting it to the supervisor in charge or should take things in his control and ensure that the machine is in order before he kick starts with the job.

Not all the heavy equipment are tricky to work on but there are machines like excavators that can really takes its toll on the operator. Especially if the operator has to function in an extremely rough and rigid terrain, things may become all the more strenuous for him. Only with the help of experience will one be able to manage the machine smoothly or else things may go out of his control and the consequences can be intensely severe.

We would be discussing few important tips that one should be following while they work on an excavator.

Proper usage of the joystick:-

One needs to understand that the joystick in an excavator is the brain of the machine and the way you use the joystick, the machine will flow accordingly. The joystick is used extensively to keep a control on the movement of the cabin and the bucket attached to the machine. So if you are moving the joystick correctly, the excavator will move the way you want it to. By using the one to your right, you will control the scooping that will help the boom to move in the upwards and downwards position. The joystick to the left of the driver controls the cab. So if you use the one to your left correctly, it will move the machine to the place you want it to go. It also helps in enlarging and shortening the length of the boom.

Drive rods are equally important:-

If you want to increase or decrease the speed of the excavator, you can do it with the help of the drive rods that lies between the legs of the operator. Each rod has its own exclusive purpose. It works co-related with the tread and when pushed forward or backward will move the tread of that side. If you want to drive the excavator straight then you simply have to push both the sticks at the same time in the forward direction and it will speed up and if you pull them back will drive the machine backwards.

Alongside with lot of experience in operating an excavator, following these simple tips can be really useful to operate the machine.

Excavators And Their Usages-An Outline

The excavators are the engineering and the construction vehicles, which have a really unique look with a cab mounted on the pivot arm, a long arm and an undercarriage that includes wheels or the tracks. These machines have the customized buckets to fit with the required job as there are various types of buckets available for the usage in the construction. Often the look of these heavy vehicles can be customized perfectly with the capability of changing the buckets or the thumbs.

These heavy vehicles are generally specified or defined by the arm power, the digging depth and the dump height power rating. But these days, these excavators also come with various types of attachments like as the breakers, augers and the grapples. Besides, the buckets also come in various types, for example the rock, sorting, and the general purpose buckets.

The excavators either can be mounted on the tracks or the wheels. These are mainly used to help these heavy vehicles for the mobility and therefore these are used in various types of environments. The track hoes are one kind of excavators, which are basically mounted on the tracks.


Now let’s have a look at the different roles played by these excavators.


These heavy vehicles are mainly used for different types of roles like as the purpose of digging the holes, foundations or trenches. Besides, these are also used for some other purposes like lifting and placing the heavy materials like the pipes, demolishing, river dredging, mining and landscaping. These are also used for the purpose of brush cutting aided with the hydraulic attachments. The multipurpose roles of these excavators allow these to be used in different types of locations. Other important roles played by these heavy vehicles are handling different types of materials effectively.

The excavators come in various sizes and types on the basis of the different types of jobs these play. The small excavators are generally called compact or mini excavators and these mainly come equipped with the bulldozer blades at their front part. These are capable of fitting through the doorways. On the contrary, the large ones are capable of weighing around 180000 lbs.

The compact excavators are mainly found in two different types known as the zero tail swing and the tail swing models. Usually, all the compact models used to come with the tail swing models and these also had a rear counterweight attached to these in order to prevent the chances of tipping during the digging process. But the counterweights make these really hard to maneuver these vehicles as these extend beyond the tracks. On the other hand, the zero tail swing machines have counter weights, which don’t extend over the rails and therefore these make it really easy for the operators to maneuver the jobs.

These days, it is also possible to take these heavy vehicles for rent from the renters as per your business requirements. This way you can get all the facilities that these excavators offer without the requirement of paying too high.

Rent Dragline Excavator for Construction and Mining Activities

The people who are associated with civil engineering and mining industries should have a little bit knowledge of heavy equipment. It is a known fact that heavy equipments are very expensive and many of the budding construction and mining industries cannot afford those machineries. This article will help those budding organizations to utilize those expensive heavy equipment in rental basis. There are many heavy equipment rental organizations that proffer the service of renting heavy equipment in affordable rental charge. Heavy equipment are usually used in construction, mining and road crew activities. These equipment are often demanded by the construction industries to complete many big projects like bridge, multi-storeyed buildings, and highway erection. These are the heavy duty vehicle that are available in the market in varied forms like road pavers, steam rollers, asphalt makers etc. The civil engineers and the construction crews utilised these heavy equipments to accomplish their infrastructural activities.

Applications of Dragline Excavator

In civil engineering industries, dragline excavator is performed as a small crane that is used for road and port construction. These dragline excavators are designed in such a way so that can be easily dismantled and moved on the rods by the help of flatbed trailers. These crane type excavators are also utilized in the activities of pond ad canal scouring. These excavators are sometimes acted as pile driving rigs. Mostly the dragline excavators are manufactured by the crane producers. Some of the famous dragline excavator manufacturing companies are Linkbelt and Hyster. The weight of the heavy draglines excavators is the most among all the heavy equipment. Its weight ranges from 8000 tons to 13000 tons.

In mining industry, dragline excavators are used specially in open pit mining activities. The bucket attached to this excavator is available in the volume ranging from 40 to 80 cubic yards. The dragline excavators used in mining industry are not operated by diesel so these equipments require a high voltage powers. The mining excavator can cover only a few meters in a minute. There is a special dragline carrier that is provided by the rental companies to transfer the dragline from one place to another.

Procedures to Operate Dragline Excavator

  • Select the appropriate dragline excavator for the accomplishment of the project.
  • It is required to compare the rental cost and labour cost before renting the dragline excavators.
  • There are several sorts of dragline excavators available in the heavy equipment rental companies so it is must to select the one that is suitable for the required project. Ask for the demonstrations from the rental companies so that the machine operators get to know different techniques to control the excavator.
  • Some of the rental organizations provide the leaseholders with operator’s manual so that it becomes easier for the operators to manage the dragline excavators.
  • The machine operators should always be conscious whenever they start machine. They should watch the warning labels and the stickers attached on the surface of the machine.
  • The mounting of dragline excavator is the crucial part so the operators should know how to mount the machine.